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HP Officejet 7500A e-All-In-One videoreview en unboxing (NL/BE)

Wil je de HP Officejet 7500A e-All-in-One bestellen? Ga naar: http://coolb.lu/16LubAj
No Life B : Does it print transfer papers borderless perfectly??
Jordi van Selm : Even voor de duidelijkheid; de scanner is toch a4 formaat?
Felicity Dawson : Ooooh, that makes perfect sense
محمد علي الغراسي الغراسي : اريد اعرف ايش المشكله الذي عندي في الطابعه ممكن نعرف لو سمحتو
A Ink System Failure Ink system has failed. Unable to copy, receive faxes, or print. Refer toprinter documentation. Error: Oxc19a0020 Turn power off, then on again.
Elshan Yusifoglu Asgarov : HP OfficeJet 7500A error code B848DB90?

How to fix HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format Ink Cartridge Unit Is Stuck

How to fix HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format Ink Cartridge Unit Is Stuck and Resolution
ROBSON MAGALHÃES : gostei muito da desmontagem do equipamento.....mais aguardava mais informação do código de erro.. bem....muito bom !!
Jeanette McLaren : Is it possible to provide an English translation. I can follow pulling the printer apart, but can't understand the bit where I think you are explaining what the problem is
J.P. : thank you, very good
ponet paki : very good work
Mohammed Hassan : Very good video, after I do everything one error come refer of documentation 0x610000f6
Please can you help for this

HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format | Power-Up & Supply Install

A four-part video series on HP's latest Wide Format Officejet, the 7500A. What sets this model apart from the others is its ability to scan 11"x17" originals and produce borderless prints on media as large as 13"x19". It has all of the latest tech from HP including a 2.36" touch screen, Internet connectivity, wireless and wired networking, downloadable Print Apps, and HP ePrint/Apple AirPrint compatibility for printing from any e-mail capable device.\r
Part I - An overview and the unboxing and setup of the product.\r
Part II - Power-Up and Supply/Media Installation\r
Part III - Network and Software Installation\r
Part IV - Installation Wrap-Up, Software Overview, and ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch\r
Enjoy the videos and be sure to visit the Wirth Consulting Web Site and Facebook page!
Terry Wirth : @kosyoyanev That is VERY valuable information. I suspect that since this is a line printer, it has limited onboard memory and relies heavily on the print queue. AUTOCAD files are generally large and it sounds like the queue system in being overwhelmed. AUTOCAD files are usually sent to page printers and wide-format printers with lots of memory and/or page RIPs and are designed to handle large jobs and cost updwards of several thousand dollars. Thanks for your input.
Terry Wirth : Thank you for watching. We are grateful that the video was helpful. Note that HP just announced a replacement 7100 series. You may want to wait until your model (printer, AiO) becomes available.
Terry Wirth : @kosyoyanev I just had a thought. Have you tried lengthening the time-out interval and packet-size settings for the print queue/network router? Not exactly sure how to do that but I'm sure that it is possible in the OS and/or router somewhere. How about printing LPR instead of direct-to-IP?
Terry Wirth : Thanks! Are you asking for our opinion on how well the PIXMA works? Here it is in a thumbnail--good looks, solid construction, high ink cost/cost per page and average software and performance.
Terry Wirth : We are glad that you found our video useful. Thanks for watching!




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