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Is this the BEST bag of 2021? Boundary Supply Arris #ThePerfectBag #Photography #BoundarySupply

This is the Arris from Boundary Supply. It's an amazing bag and I love it. But it has have it's flaws. In this video I list my LOVE's and my HATE's for this bag.

Grab an Arris or one of the many other amazing Boundary Supply Products Here!


The Nomatic Peter McKinnon is an awesome camera bag if you're a photographer.


Two Important Caveats About This Video:

*1) Prototype accessories were lent to me. They could have changed some key features. Also they were lent to me I have to give them back.

**2) Pricing changed AFTER I filmed this. Prices I mention were that of a Pre-Order price. So sorry about that but nothing I can do about that.

Time Code:
0:00 - Intro
0:45 - Contest Update
1:42 - The Problem I Have
5:10 The Arris - Problem Solved?
5:45 - Materials \u0026 Build Quality
8:00 - Light Weight BABY!
8:29 - The Harness
9:55 - Comfort
11:13 - Quick Access Amazingness
13:00 - Modular AF
15:38 - Organization
16:50 - **Price
18:04 - Not For Photographers
20:02 - "Water Bottle Pocket"
20:51 - I Need More Magnets
22:00 - The Big Zip
23:42 - *Maybe A Deal Breaker
26:04 - The Price. Wait. What?
27:20 - My Final Thoughts

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Lastly: Here's the Gear I used to Shoot Everything in this Video.

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Chris : Thanks for sharing the amazing bag selection!
Chris : You should be a Product Designer! some Camera Bag company makers should learn from your experience and knowledge!
Vincent G : First video i've watched from you – love the honesty! Subscribed.
About the prices, i thought the same. I maxed out mine the way i would love to have it, and i ended up with something around 900.–(Swiss Francs). And that's just completely insane!!! haha.
I have the Prima for 2 or 3 years i think and i freaking love it, best backpack ever. But i clearly need something bigger for longer weekends. But now i'm not sure anymore, if i should get it.
Alejandro A. Best : Wow, you really have a lot of bags. All the bags look top quality. Whenever I hear "carbon fiber", you have my attention.
Jessica : Great content as always. I now want that 3L bag. I have never been a bag fan but, these bags seem pretty cool for the day trips my kiddo and I take. Thank you for sharing these.

Ann Marie - Bag (Official Audio)

Listen to the official audio for "Bag" by Ann Marie.

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#AnnMarie #Tripolar2 #Bag
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Melchior Villanueva : Ee8r833 3ievr7rvrurhrurv8eveiev38e v ie v 8e v e8e v 83ve8eveiev38
Yvonnia Blanc : I love you and ann marie
Yvonnia Blanc : I love you and ann marie

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